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The renewed Radiology Department was officially opened on February 7, 2020. The X-ray department, which had existed since 1978, was no longer sufficient and has been replaced by a completely new and modernized Radiology department. This considerably broadens the range of services and allows the hospital to respond in a more contemporary way to the needs of and the necessary facilities for its patients. The work and purchase of the new screening device have already started in 2019. At the opening, Mrs. S. Nannan Panday, medical director, the general director Mathoera and chairman Blokland of the Board of the Foundation speak. All speakers expressed their appreciation and praise for those who contributed to the realization of this modern department. The total cost of this project was approximately 1.6 million SRD. The aim is for the hospital to do much more in the near future with regard to renewal and modernization.