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With the renovation of the morgue, the quality of the service has improved considerably. This concerns both personal and operational services. We hope to create a warm place for each bereaved where the grief can be shared and processed. The quality of the service in this area stands or falls with the quality of the mortuary staff, who are expertly and carefully prepared for their task. For the funeral service of your loved one, you can visit our fully air-conditioned auditorium. We also have a new space for a farewell visit to your loved one in a smaller setting. We now also have two new comfortable deposit areas, where the depositors can carry out their work with dedication and under hygienic conditions. It is expressly stated that the mortuary of ‘s Lands Hospitaal does not employ any takers. In consultation with the funeral director, you can make your own wishes known for caring for your deceased.


Saying goodbye takes time and we give you that time. For visiting times and costs, please refer to the list of rates. In order to serve you better, we advise you to arrange a visiting time with us between 12:00 and 14:00.