If you are in the hospital or at the terrain around the hospital, you are obliged to follow the directions of the Surveillance and Security department. This also applies to [...]


Hospital access


Everyone, with the exception of the staff, is kindly requested to report to an employee of the Surveillance and Security department upon arrival. That employee will show you the way.

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Smoking, alcohol, drugs


Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire hospital and the terrain around the hospital. People who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be refused entry.

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Wireless Internet/WiFi


‘s Lands Hospitaal offers patients and visitors access to wireless internet. Use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to connect to wireless internet/WiFi and select 'FreeWifi_slands'.

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Animals & Feeding Animals


Pets and even caged singing birds are not allowed. You are strongly requested not to feed the birds and dogs that are on and around the hospital property. This makes [...]

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Visiting hours


Patients like to see family and friends when they are hospitalized. Visitors are therefore only allowed during the visiting hours applicable to the department. In principle, to ensure peace and [...]

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General manners


Verbal or physical violence, intimidation, discrimination or other undesirable behavior is not allowed. Weapons and other dangerous objects are of course prohibited. ‘s Lands Hospitaal expects patients and visitors to [...]

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