You must be able to submit the following documents:

  1. For residents a valid I.D. card/driver’s license/passport.
    For non-residents a valid passport and possibly a residence permit.
  2. A valid insurance card or pass from the SZF/Sociale Zaken/AZPAS/Self Reliance. In the case of foreign policyholders, an insurance policy with worldwide coverage and/or       additional travel insurance.
  3. If you are insured by your employer (company insurance): a valid guarantee statement in which the period of validity and class location are clearly indicated.
  4. If you pay the bill yourself, so if you are a private individual, the necessary finances are required! When you are admitted to hospital, you pay an amount in advance for the expected number of days in hospital. In addition, you must pay an advance for various costs such as medication, laboratory, X-ray and others. For an operation, the associated costs will also be charged directly (this depends on the length of stay).
  5. SZF policyholders must take into account administration costs for medication for pregnant women and for other gynecological patients who have to use the operating room.