Stichting ‘s Lands Hospitaal is a non-profit organization, so the goal is not to make a profit, but to run as efficiently as possible to serve the target group of care recipients at affordable rates, so that continuity of service is guaranteed. As a healthcare institution, donations are therefore welcome gifts that, especially in this time when the pressure on healthcare has increased considerably, helps to continue to meet the social care needs.

Every donation, from an organization or person, is greatly appreciated by ‘s Lands Hospitaal. This appreciation is therefore expressed by publicly announcing the gesture to the wider public through our social media channels and this is also our way of transparently communicating the Results back to you, the donor. It can happen that goods are donated that may not be needed in the hospital at that time, while another healthcare institution can make good use of it. In such cases, the Lands Hospital may in turn donate to that needy organization.

In order to efficiently structure the donation, there is a list of needs that can be consulted, contact persons are available and you will find bank account numbers. In addition to the needs list that indicates which items are in high demand, our Projects page also indicates for which project donation (financial and material) is needed. This page gives you the option to indicate which project you are interested in. For donations of a financial nature, please contact the medical director, Mrs. Drs. Soenita Nannan Panday-Gopisingh and for articles, goods, instruments and materials with the Purchasing Manager, Mr. Marvin Madiksan.

Financial information

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De Surinaamsche Bank

SRD account no. : 4802357

Republic Bank

Euro account no.: 0197313635


USD account no.: 208331359

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