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Phone book

Below are the contact details of the various departments.

Accounting/General Ledger Section2021-10-12T11:51:58+00:00
Contact Device
Chef Mr. X. Abas 2262
Staff 2289
Checkout 2200

Phone: 472380

Contact Device
Office 2309
Canteen/One Stop Shop2021-10-12T18:21:57+00:00

Device: 2269

Contact Device
Bali 2211
Cardiology Hartbew./CCU2021-10-11T16:13:12+00:00

Fax: 520985

Contact Device
nurse head sr. Sh. Abia, BN 2458
CCU 2204
Care manager2021-10-12T18:22:58+00:00

Sr. M. Willems, BN

Children’s section2021-10-11T17:43:04+00:00
Contact Device
Nurse Head sr. C. Bruinhart, BN 2403
Bali 2406
Class 2 – Gynecology2021-10-11T17:50:15+00:00
Contact Device
Nurse Head zr. J. Kloppenburg 2350
K1 2365/2328
K2 2303/2366
K3 2307/2350
K4 2306
Company doctor/General doctor2022-08-16T15:05:30+00:00
Contact Device
Bali 2222
Complaints Committee2021-10-11T17:47:25+00:00
Contact Device
Secretary Mr. L. Irion 2249
Creditors Section2021-10-12T11:39:46+00:00
Contact Device
Chef Mr. R. Dompig 2443
Mrs. M. Koswal 2246
Debtors Section2021-10-12T12:03:26+00:00
Contact Device
Chef Mr. W. Reigman 2348
Accounts Receivable 2260
Delivery room2021-10-12T10:23:21+00:00

Phone:  478738

Contact Device
Nurse head sr. H. Bennanon, BN 2230
Bali 2280
Deputy Director of Financial Affairs2021-10-12T12:20:42+00:00
Contact Device
Mrs. Dr. M. Isselt, MBA 2346
Facility Services2021-10-12T18:25:21+00:00

Phone:  424939

Contact Device
Manager Mr. P. Ramjatan 2250
Assistent Facility manager mw. P. Khedoe, BSc 2285
Field service2021-10-12T11:26:57+00:00
Contact Device
Chef Mr. M. Edam 2213
Financial Matters2021-10-12T18:27:10+00:00

Phone: 520483

Contact Device
Head, Mr. R. Irodikromo 2239
First Class2021-10-11T16:22:15+00:00
Contact Device
Nurse Head 2311
K2 2326
K3 2298
K4 2304
General Affairs2021-10-11T14:34:28+00:00
Contact Device
Chef Mrs. J. Etman 2261
General Directorate Secretariat2021-10-11T14:21:15+00:00

Directeur: dhr. drs. D. Mathoera

Telefoon: 471403/ 474250

Contactpersoon Toestel
Secretaris Bestuur, Mw. Z. Rozenblad, BSc. 2311
Mw. M. Martens 2294
Contact Device
Bali Pre natal care (ground floor M&KC) 2410/2411
Human Resource Management2021-10-12T11:46:59+00:00
Contact Device
Manager Mrs. dr L. Colin 2263
HRM-assistent, Mr. E. Noordzee 2371

Phone: 425183

Contact Device
Acting coordinator Mr. R. Pregers 2445
Mrs. Ch. Mangoenredjo 2434
Service employee Mr. R. Sahibdin 2331
Helpdesk Mr. L. Dongo 2205
Malfunction 2400
Contact Device
Nurse Head sr. S. Lakshi 2322
Infection Control2021-10-11T16:41:17+00:00

Fax: 425182

Contact Device
Sr. D. Zoutkamp en sr. B. Prior 2277
Intensive Care2021-10-11T16:56:31+00:00
Contact Device
Medical Head Mr. Drs. P. Banwari anaesthesiologist/ intensivist 2459
Nurse Head sr. A. Lobles, BN  
Internal Control2021-10-11T17:07:49+00:00
Contact Device
Head, Mrs. P. Madhan 2268
Staff members Mr. E. Ost, Mrs. S. Kalloe-Persad en Mr. R. Abdoel 2272
Internal Medicine2022-08-16T15:08:19+00:00
Contactpersoon Toestel
Bali 2342/2351/2409
Internal North2021-10-11T17:19:39+00:00
Contact Device
Nurse head sr. S. Toney, BN 2353
Internal South2021-10-11T17:22:07+00:00
Contact Device
Nurse Head sr. H. Noordzee, BN 2345
Doctor-assistent room 2293
Contact Device
Head Mrs. D. Blagrove 2344
Quality Manager Mr. M. Pique

Fax: 472934

Contact Device
Head  Mrs. G. Foké 2252
Subheads mw. A. Ratiram, Mrs. U. Ramphal en Mrs. E. Rawidjan
Administration 2266/2357
Urine/ Faeces 2258
Sleep in 2259
Contact Device
Chef Mrs. D. Hughes 2359
Maternity Ward2021-10-11T17:52:53+00:00
Contact Device
Nurse Head sr. B. Kammeron 2225
Counselingroom 2436
Medical Administration2021-10-12T11:14:31+00:00
Contact Device
Manager Mrs. dr. A. Mendeszoon 2302
Medical Director2021-10-11T18:22:15+00:00

Phone: 472380

Contact Device
Medical Director Mrs. Drs. S. Nannan Panday-Gopisingh 2286
Medical Registration & Statistics2021-10-12T11:08:40+00:00
Contact Device
Head Mrs. I. Tempico 2284
Employees 2265/2432
Contact Device
Coordinator Mr. S. Abdoel 2325
Staff members Mrs. C. Profijt, Mrs. M. Bona en Mr. C. Sears
Nursing Secretariat2021-10-12T12:24:23+00:00

Phone: 476378

Contact Device
Nurse director, sr. S. Holband, MPH 2291
Secretariat employee Mrs. M. Jong Loy 2292
Secretariat employee Mrs. S. Nitisoeparto 2392
Office Woman & Child (Mother & Child Centre)2022-08-16T15:09:20+00:00
Contact Device
Bali Post Natale Care (first floor) 2420
Contact Device
Oncology Day Center 2329
Nurse head sr. A. Kirton
Operating room2021-10-12T10:44:47+00:00

Phone: 479394

Contact Device
Operating room office 2234
Steam room 2231
Recovery room 2233
Hallway 2230
Contact Device
Bali 2226
Personnel management & Payroll administration2021-10-12T11:33:46+00:00
Contact Device
Head P.B. & L.A. Mrs. dr. I. Triesie 2414
Staff members HR 2224
Payroll administration 2370
Personnel archive 2202

Phone: 472632

Fax: 477530

Contact Device
pharmacist Mrs. Drs. S. Rellum 2296
Business manager Mr. Drs. O. Roye, MPH 2321
Warehouse 2323
Recipes 2330
Production department 2438
Contact Device
Mrs. A. Macnack, MSc. 2408
Planning Budget & Control2021-10-12T12:10:25+00:00
Contact Device
Manager Mrs. dr. A. Sluisdom-Lobo, MBA. 2251
Collaborator Mrs. dr. V. Harper-Agard 2247
Collaborator Mrs. N. Pinas, BSc, Mrs. R. Huur-Watson, BSc., Mrs. R. Kamperveen 2248
Contact Device
Head sr. D. Lang, BN 2343
Pos and pain poli2021-10-12T10:20:58+00:00
Contact Device
Bali 2232
Mrs. Dr. C. Monsanto, anesthesioloog en Mr. Dr. P. Banwari, intensivist/anesthesiologist 2245
EKG 2288
PR, Protocol & Marketing2021-10-12T11:36:06+00:00
Contact Device
Communication staff member Mr. L. Irion 2454
Practical Guidance2021-10-12T10:17:46+00:00
Contact Device
Acting head sr. H. Wesenhagen-Doerga 2431

Fax: 521091

Contact Device
Manager Mr. M. Madiksan 2335
Collaborator Mrs. E. Hirosemito 2267
Collaborator A. Madrakes 2340
Recording administration2021-10-12T11:06:48+00:00

Phone: 472516

Contact Device
Mrs.  L. van Geenen-Vyent, BSc. 2254
Employees 2444
Social Care2021-10-11T18:01:51+00:00
Contact Device
Medical Social Worker, Mrs. J. Lagadeau 2271
Corporate Social Worker, Mrs. M. Pinas, BA. 2244
Medical Psychologist Mrs. Drs. S. Joemai 2453

Phone: 474369

Contact Device
Bali 2214/2217
Surveillance & Security2021-10-11T15:58:06+00:00
Contact Device
Head, Mr. M. Macintos 2240
Chef, Mr. Owen 2241
Small gate Tourtonnelaan 2338
Lodge main entrance Tourtonnelaan 2333/2319
Technical service2021-10-12T11:30:43+00:00
Contact Device
Head, Mr. E. Felter 2257
electricity 2229
Painting 2203
Forge 2337
Carpentry Shed 2339
Throat, Nose and Ear Surgery (ENT)2022-08-16T15:12:41+00:00
Contact Device
Bali/Nursing specialist 2207
Transport service2021-10-12T11:24:42+00:00
Contact Device
Acting chef Mr. R. Tjon Aman 2281
Triage Post2021-10-12T11:12:33+00:00
Contact Device
Nurse head sr. W. Asebeh, BN 2333
Contact Device
Chef  Mr. B. Hoefdraad 2317
Food Warehouse 2320
Bandages and Instruments 2236
Contact Device
Head, Mrs. R. Sital and Administration 2206
Doctor’s room 2221