Tune ‘s Lands Hospital


How it all started…

‘s Lands Hospital is the oldest hospital in Suriname and was founded around 1760 as a Military Hospital. After a major fire in 1821 the hospital underwent a structural change and, in addition to military personnel, civilians were also admitted. On January 1, 1934, the name was changed to ‘s Lands Hospital. It is now a modern general hospital with 310 beds and 47 cribs. ‘s Lands Hospital is there for everyone in Suriname who needs medical care in the field of the available in-house specialisms and in particular for the people who need care in the field of reproductive health care and the care of children aged 0 – 14 years.

Providing customer oriented, expert, optimal quality care and appropriate guidance for each client, especially for people in the reproduction phase.
‘s Lands Hospital will grow within 5 years into the second largest reference hospital in Suriname in close collaboration with the peripheral hospitals, where high-quality and professional quality care for the client comes first.

Foundation board

The hospital has a foundation board that monitors the management. The foundation board is as follows as of July 2019:

Chairman of the Foundation Board, Mr. drs. Michel Blokland

  • Vice-President, Mrs. Dr. Natalie Aalstein
  • Secretary, Mrs. Mr. Justina Eduards
  • Member, Mr. Dr. Kwame Horne
  • Member, Mr. Imro Edam
  • Member, Mrs. Maureen Vreugd, MBA
  • Member, Mr. mr. Inderpersad Baboeram, LLB

Managing board

The Management Board consists of: (as of November 2019)

  • General manager Mr. Dr. Dayasankar Mathoera
  • Director of nursing sr. Suze Holband, MPH
  • Medical director Mrs. Dr. Soenita Nannan Panday-Gopisingh
  • Deputy finance director Mrs. Dr. Maderiel Isselt MBA