House rules

Welcome to ‘s Lands Hospitaal.

We like to make your stay in our hospital as pleasant as possible and we have a number of house rules that must be followed by everyone who has contact with the hospital in any way. The rules apply to all buildings and the terrain around the hospital. We kindly ask you to follow the rules.

Animals & Feeding Animals2021-10-11T12:34:00+00:00

Pets and even caged singing birds are not allowed. You are strongly requested not to feed the birds and dogs that are on and around the hospital property. This makes them come back every time and cause a nuisance.


If you are in the hospital or at the terrain around the hospital, you are obliged to follow the directions of the Surveillance and Security department. This also applies to directions given by the staff at other departments. 

The hospital is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of your belongings.

Leave your valuable possessions at home during your time of hospitalization!

General manners2021-10-11T12:20:34+00:00

Verbal or physical violence, intimidation, discrimination or other undesirable behavior is not allowed. Weapons and other dangerous objects are of course prohibited. ‘s Lands Hospitaal expects patients and visitors to treat each other and the staff with respect.

Hospital access2021-10-11T12:38:48+00:00

Everyone, with the exception of the staff, is kindly requested to report to an employee of the Surveillance and Security department upon arrival. That employee will show you the way.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs2021-10-11T12:37:10+00:00

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire hospital and the terrain around the hospital. People who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be refused entry.

Visiting hours2021-10-11T12:30:13+00:00

Patients like to see family and friends when they are hospitalized. Visitors are therefore only allowed during the visiting hours applicable to the department. In principle, to ensure peace and quiet on the ward, a maximum of two (2) visitors at the same time per patient applies.Visits at other times are only possible after consultation with and permission from the nursing staff or treating doctor. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to visit, but if their mother has given birth and has been admitted to the Maternity or First or Second class wards, they are welcome there.

Wireless Internet/WiFi2021-10-11T12:35:39+00:00

‘s Lands Hospitaal offers patients and visitors access to wireless internet. Use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to connect to wireless internet/WiFi and select ‘FreeWifi_slands’.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of documents do I need when visiting ‘s Lands Hospital?2021-10-11T12:52:23+00:00

You must be able to submit the following documents:

  1. For residents a valid I.D. card/driver’s license/passport.
    For non-residents a valid passport and possibly a residence permit.
  2. A valid insurance card or pass from the SZF/Sociale Zaken/AZPAS/Self Reliance. In the case of foreign policyholders, an insurance policy with worldwide coverage and/or       additional travel insurance.
  3. If you are insured by your employer (company insurance): a valid guarantee statement in which the period of validity and class location are clearly indicated.
  4. If you pay the bill yourself, so if you are a private individual, the necessary finances are required! When you are admitted to hospital, you pay an amount in advance for the expected number of days in hospital. In addition, you must pay an advance for various costs such as medication, laboratory, X-ray and others. For an operation, the associated costs will also be charged directly (this depends on the length of stay).
  5. SZF policyholders must take into account administration costs for medication for pregnant women and for other gynecological patients who have to use the operating room.

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